Not sure what to post on your companies FaceBook page? Here are a few simple ideas for your next post.

Interact with your audience.

Sharing blog posts, news articles or YouTube videos are excellent ways to engage your fans. But don’t just post a link to your favorite website. Ask questions, incite a conversation, get involved with your fans. Posting an article on the latest Senate bill that effects your industry is great, but add a comment that includes your opinion and asks for theirs. People love to voice their opinion and have conversations.

Not everyone has heard about it.

Just because a popular video or post might have made the rounds at your office, doesn’t mean that your fans have seen it. Not more than a few weeks ago I was sitting at home on my computer with my mom showing her some videos that I originally saw a few years ago, and had just assumed that she knew about them. They were totally new to her. Don’t be afraid to post something that might be considered outdated. Who knows what sort of nostalgia you might spark by posting a viral video from a few years ago.

Be a resource, not a spam center

Show your fans the same excellent customer service they get when visiting your office. By including posts that are informational or referential (not consistently asking for referrals or new business) you extend that trust between you and your client. This isn’t to say that you can’t market your business through FaceBook; just be aware of the frequency in which you do. Most people do not like the hard sell, they can get that while buying a car. Become an information source, an educational source, an entertaining source, and you will be rewarded with increased client retention and an increased referrals.

Relate to your customers

19% of the time people are online, they are on a social media website (FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked’In). They are most likely fans with a lot of different companies and websites offering deals and coupons. Separate yourself from the pack and relate to your customers. Post content that demonstrates a common interest with your fans. Cheer on the US National team in the World Cup, or share your opinions about the BP oil spill. Adding a human aspect to your FaceBook posts will get them read.

FaceBook should be fun and enjoyable. If you find that you are forcing yourself to make posts, and add fans to your page, it will show up in your posts as well and discourage people from interacting, and will eventually encourage them to unfriend you.

Got any tips for us? What has been your most popular post on FaceBook? Let us know below!

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