ATOMIC Ballroom is a thriving dance studio located in Irvine, CA. Home to Swing, Ballroom, Salsa, and Tango, ATOMIC Ballroom hosts group classes and evening dances every day of the week. With a strong following of dancers of all ages, the ballroom is alive with happy dancers learning, dancing, playing and always having fun. So when we launched the long needed redesign of the website, it was met with supreme excitement.

The new website is a complete transformation from what it was before.  Not only has the aesthetic been restructured with a clean, modern design; the user interaction has been drastically enhanced and the content increased tenfold.  The old website was just calling out for attention.  Some of the  challenges we faced with the old website:

  • Incorrect execution of SEO
  • Bloated code
  • Lack of a strong navigation
  • A void of self promotion and accolades
  • Limited content and information about the ballroom

It is now fast approaching the one year mark of the new website, and we took a look at where the site was and where it is headed.  The statistics show that the new website is a marked success. Since the new site launched last fall we have:

  • Doubled monthly visitors from approx. 5K per month to over 10K
  • Increased the number of new visitors from 3,000 to over 6,000 per month
  • Increased the average time on the site from 2 minutes to 3 minutes

How did we do this?  This website is a completely custom solution.  Working closely with the client, we brainstormed and pinpointed exactly what the ballroom needed and came up with custom solutions.  This coupled with the Five Lines Media strategy of utilizing trusted development techniques along with advanced user interaction on the front end, bolstered the new website.  Some of the key elements in the redesign included:

  • SEO targeted URLs
  • Creation and implementation of the ATOMIC blog
  • Improved artwork and design sitewide
  • Expansion of website content including special events pages, dedicated evening dance pages, and even inclusion of dance style pages
  • Integration of social media platforms (FaceBook and Twitter)
  • Stronger placement of hot ticket items: Location, Weekly Classes and Special Events

Also included in the redesign was the creation of a custom CMS to streamline updating of the website for the ATOMIC staff. This feature was built specific to ATOMIC’s needs, including custom input for adding instructors, classes, dances, and special events.

Overall, ATOMIC Ballroom and Five Lines Media could not be more happy with the results. Finally, a website that matches the success and beauty of the ballroom it represents.

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