Five Lines Media is proud to announce the launch of our latest website project: Shesha is an Orange County dance superstar, dominating several dances dance titles, and the proud owner of the most popular ballroom in Orange County, ATOMIC Ballroom.

After the relaunch success of, Shesha approached us with a request to design and develop his personal website. The website is a fully featured Web2.0 website, with all the bells and whistles:

  • Five Lines Dance Event Scheduler
  • Five Lines Awards and Commendations Plugin
  • FaceBook Photo Incorporation
  • Easy update dance partners and media gallery
  • and more…

Inspired by Shesha’s dancing, the design is clean and intriguing, incorporating the standard elements of web development, but also including a few hip features.

We are very excited to launch, and cannot wait to read more about the traveling hat trickster and dancer!

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