Every company has clients. Some have followers. Those who are successful, have audiences.

  • An audience has loyalty.
  • An audience is receptive.
  • An audience is interactive.

It’s easy to throw thousands of dollars at an ad campaign and pay for traffic to your site. But how much of that is wasted? How many of those ‘new customers’ will be returning customers? How long can your business sustain an approach that is so unreliable?

Instead of manufacturing an outbound marketing strategy to garner new customers, create an inbound marketing battle plan to build an audience.

Information Sharing

Create a section of your website dedicated to sharing information. Talk about the current trends or common pitfalls or new technologies within your industry. Give your customers a reason to come back. Let them know what you have to say. If they like what they hear, they’ll return. Building an audience full of people who want to hear what you are saying is far more valuable than marketing to people who don’t know, and aren’t necessarily interested in, what you do.

Teach It

Teaching might not be something that you have thought about and probably neither have your competitors. Most of your competition is focused on selling or servicing their customers, not teaching. Teaching forms an important give and take relationship with your reader, something that a banner ad or email campaign just can’t do. Writing an article teaching people how to use a product or sharing a short¬†anecdote¬†on how a product was built creates an intangible but highly important relationship bond. Creating this bond with your readers builds trust and loyalty.

Building an audience with these two simple steps creates a pool of people, that, when you need them to, will be listening.

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