With many changes being made to Facebook day by day, it’s important to keep up with the basics.  As a business or organization, you have several options to get connected over 800 million active users.  Here are some best practices for set-up your Facebook Page or Group when you aren’t an individual but want to share your products and ideas with the rest of the world…


Facebook Pages are for business, brands, and organizations to share their content and connect with people just as someone would with a personal Facebook account.  You can share stories, add applications, create events and more.

  • Privacy – Generally, a Pages posts and information are available to everyone on Facebook.  You will receive a personalized URL (visible web address), which is very helpful for being populated in internet searches.
  • Audience – Anyone can like a Facebook Page and have updates added to their News Feed.  There is no limit to who can like or view a Facebook Page.
  • Communication – Facebook Page Admins can share posts, add customized applications and manage a Page’s activity and growth.


Facebook Groups are a small space for a limited number of members to communicate about a shared interest.  If you want some form of exclusivity ot privacy, Facebook Groups are the way to go.

  • Privacy – Groups can have an open setting similar to Facebook Pages, however, there are settings for limiting who can join the group.  Secret and closed groups are only available to members of the Facebook Group.
  • Audience – Group members must be approved or invited by other members of the Group.  Once a group reaches a certain size some features may be limited.  Often groups are more functional in small sizes with people you know.
  • Communication – All members of a Group will receive notification of any posts or shares within the Group.  All members can communicate in chats, share albums and and collaborate on docs.

When social media outlets, such as Facebook, are utilized correctly, businesses and organizations reap the benefits of exposure.  Choose the best path to get your company or group connected to the largest community of online users in the world.

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