Jo Hoffberg and Kevin St. Laurent are world champion dancers who travel the global teaching swing dancing, solo jazz, and crazy hat tricks. So popular are these two, they are booked out for over a year in advance! When we were asked to help them with a wide range of marketing collateral and a new website, we were thrilled!

Logo Design

The jumping off point was creating a new logo. A fun project and one that went through several revisions before finding just the right look for these champion dancers. Simple and highly recognizable, while incorporating their iconic silhouette pose “the lamppost.”

DVD design

The use of large images, bold colors and a clear disc title allowed us to create a DVD that succinctly identified the content on the DVD and encouraged dancers to pick one up for their personal collection. This has since been identified as a rousing success, leading one dance camp proprietor to claim “these DVD’s sell themselves!”

While the DVD’s are sold as standalone and can be used as such, we included a small easter egg for those who purchase the entire 7 disc set. Set your discs on edge and reveal the signature lamppost post image on the edges of the discs.

Leave Behinds

Kevin and Jo have a great personality and a penchant for doing things different. This is what prompted the “Keep Calm and Swing Out” side of their DVD promotional cards. But really, what else would you put on the opposing side of a promotional card? Their names? /yawn

Website and shopping cart

Visit the site
Through a whimsical, yet functional design, we were able to bring Kevin and Jo to the forefront of the website. Large imagry, and clearly defined navigation help to showcase Kevin and Jo as champion swing dance instructors. With the inclusion of the Dance Event Scheduler plugin, they can easily update and display their busy dance schedule for everyone to see. A media gallery, filled with great photos and videos helps bring out their amazing talents. The inclusion advanced technologies help to make the user experience as fluid as possible. Make sure you check out the upcoming events page for a fun Polaroid effect (don’t forget to scroll down). This is a really fun site, with several exciting easter eggs for everyone to find.

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