Blogging is one of those things that people think is what attention hungry people do when they post trivial details about their life. While that may be true, it is much more than that, certainly from a business standpoint. Your business needs to have a corporate blog for a wide variety of reasons.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Studies have shown that websites that blog can see 55% more website traffic than those which do not. With the increased traffic to your site, your company is looking at 70% more leads coming in to your sales force than companies that do not. When you are starting out and do not have a lot of money to spend on advertising and marketing, this is a great way to put more prospects in front of you.

Allowing For Conversation

Ever wonder why the dad on TV shows always hangs out with a bunch of other guys at the hardware store talking about projects around the house? or at the bait store talking about fishing? They are there sharing experience before they start on a new project. Creating a blog and allowing for comments to be added is you as a company starting a conversation with your consumers. The consumer who knows little can ask a question, while your existing client can add in how your company helped them with that exact problem.

Demonstrate Expertise

Creating quality content is what draws large numbers of customers and clients to your website when they are searching for information. Think about it as a consumer. Do you want to purchase something from a catchy advertisement or from the company who knows not only what you are doing, but how you can do it better and avoid costly mistakes? As a purchaser, we spend our money with people that we trust. Increased trust drives more sales.

The consumer can walk into a dozen different stores and purchase a can of interior house paint. Each type of paint will make a variety of claims as to why you should buy it, but it is the expertise of the salesperson that finds the product best suited that customer that will get them back to that store for future purchases.

The Best Businesses Do It

‘All of the cool kids are doing it’ does not seem like much of an endorsement, but it is how a lot of corporate business is handled. If you were to search the top companies on Forbes, you would see that many of them have blogs. Areas with huge start-up business communities, like Boston and San Francisco, have dedicated content teams to help them display their expertise in a flooded market.

Even individuals within organizations often have their own blogs. Matt Cutts, the SEO guru for Google has a blog where he writes alternately about his personal life and also about creating a more effective internet search engine and by extension how to get found by it. Not only is Google’s blog a great resource, but Matt Cutts, the guy behind the scenes, is also writing about the same topics from his own perspective.

As a business, the best things that you can do to promote yourself is to create interactions that build trust with your prospective customers. People trust personal recommendations by their friends, but with small businesses, you are fighting against the small number of consumers who initially walk in your door. By creating a well crafted blog/article/news piece, you have the opportunity to reach a wide variety of people to get the ball rolling even faster to grow your bottom line.