In a world full of methods to market a business both digitally and in person, one company rises to that challenge. And with all of the options out there, having systematically designed solutions is sort of like having a superpower. While we at Five Lines Media do not possess superhuman strength, nor have any of us been bit by radioactive arachnids, and we seem pretty impervious to Kryptonite, some might say that a brilliant marketing strategy is even better. The more this writer thought about it, the more parallels were drawn between avenues to business exposure and some favorite superheroes.

At Five Lines, we have five main ways of helping a business reach out to its clients and customers: traditional print advertising, content writing, web design, search engine optimization, and display advertising. But to a business in need, those services may seem much more similar to Superman, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, Batman, and Iron Man, respectively.


Traditional Print: The Advertisement of Steel

Traditional print advertisement is the classic method of marketing. Whether through a newsletter, a flyer, or a pamphlet, the combination of ink and paper has been used to reach out and communicate with people longer than any of us have been alive. While the digital world is constantly changing and updating, there is something very solid about actually having a tangible product to read and convey information.

Similarly, Superman is a classic within the comic realm. Although different story lines have been created for him, his character construct has stayed pretty close to the original recipe. Described as “The Man of Steel”, he has superhuman strength and is impervious to almost any attack. Not to mention, his alter ego, Clark Kent, is a reporter for The Daily Planet.



Wonderful Content Writing

Content writing is an often overlooked but incredibly important aspect of a company’s marketing strategy. Having content that is powerfully, honestly, efficiently, and effectively written is crucial. Great content can be creative while informative, making use of outside sources or subject matter experts. However it is presented and whatever resources are used, it should always strive to benefit the business.

This basic description of content writing is somehow reminiscent of a frequently forgotten and unfortunately underrated superhero. However, Wonder Woman is an incredibly powerful and effective force for good. She was particularly known for her resourcefulness- always making use of her allies or environment to her advantage. She also was constantly seeking honesty and justice (and what content writer wouldn’t want a Lasso of Truth?). Throughout her stories, often her greatest strength was her determination and force of will to fight for the greater good.


Web Design, SMASH!

Web design is perhaps one of the most obviously important parts of a business’s marketing strategy. Nowadays, it is often the first thing a potential customer or client will see. A website can be a company’s greatest strength, or biggest downfall depending on how it is presented. There are two sides to this process- the web design, which focuses on how a site looks and how viewers interact with it; and web development, which handles the backend language of coding and program interactions. Both sides of this are equally important, and you can’t have one without the other.

In the fictitious realm of superheroes, there isn’t another hero as double sided as The Hulk. There is the brilliant physicist Bruce Banner and the impossibly strong, green skinned Hulk. Once again, two equally important parts of this character that cannot exist without the other. Furthermore, it is clear to see the devastation that The Hulk and Banner are capable of. With direction and control, they have the ability to help save the world. But without it, catastrophe.



The Caped Crusader of SEO

Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy to affect the visibility of a website in a search engine’s results. This method takes into account how search engines work, what people actually search for, and how to make use of words that will effectively gain attention and page views. The tricky thing about SEO is that it is constantly changing. Patterns of the internet are always in flux and staying a step ahead is imperative for a successful SEO strategy.

Speaking of things that are always changing, take a look at the evolution of Batman. His story and personification are always updating. Your perception of Batman will be completely different if you see Christian Bale, or Michael Keaton, or Adam West. Further more, Batman is often characterized as having advanced gadgets and tools in his arsenal. He always seems a step ahead of whatever foe he is opposing- whether The Joker, or new click-bait tactics, or maybe the Google Penguin Update.



Display Advertising, The Invincible

Last on the list of specialized strategies is the process of display advertising. This type of advertisement is great for conveying information very efficiently. Display advertisements make use of a combination of words, graphics, and other attention grabbing techniques. It’s important with this avenue to be very up front and straightforward about the point or pitch being made. Display advertisement also has to be ahead of the curve regarding changes in technology and the landscape of the internet.

The character of Tony Stark, or Iron Man is who first came to mind when thinking about display advertising. Unlike most superheroes, he associates his day-to-day person with his superhero alter ego, and is very straight forward (and at times showy) with that fact. His presence is easily recognizable and acknowledged, both for his work helping to save the world and as a business entrepreneur running Stark Industries. He’s great at grabbing attention, keeping it, and, of course, staying several strides ahead in the changing world of technology.


And there you have it- The Five Lines League, a team of marketing strategies (or superheroes) out to benefit businesses everywhere. With the difference these techniques can make for a business, no wonder they can be seen as superheroes. What is perhaps most notable is that alone these strategies wield a great deal of power, but more often than not they are strongest when they work together. And with their powers combined, they can help to save the world…or, at the very least, a company in need.