PRO-LOK Site Launch

As a project, PRO-LOK is a shining demonstration of our team’s ability to provide better resources to our clients. We have completely redesigned the look and function of the site with simplicity, ease of use, and accessibility in mind.  Five Lines Media is pleased to announce that the new website site for PRO-LOK is live and ready for […]

Tips & Tricks For Email Newsletters

How to use one of the most popular forms of communication to your company’s advantage In the modern digital age, we are fortunate enough to have access to so many mediums of communication and potential advertising. You can reach customers through social media, pop up ads in popular phone applications, even through virtual billboards in […]

How to Write Your Business Blog

The evidence has shown that having a corporate blog leads to more prospects, leads and customers. The improved search position that you will receive from people reading your articles and trusting  in your expertise can boost your sales as high as 70%. However, it is important that you write your blog appropriately to fit the […]

The Advantages to A Corporate Blog

Blogging is one of those things that people think is what attention hungry people do when they post trivial details about their life. While that may be true, it is much more than that, certainly from a business standpoint. Your business needs to have a corporate blog for a wide variety of reasons. Increase Traffic […]

Fifty Important Social Media Marketing Terms Explained

Social media marketing has become an essential tool for businesses and individuals looking to make a splash across the world wide web. And while it may be easier than ever to reach out and touch your audience and customers with the click of a button, a little knowledge will help you to strategically focus your marketing efforts.