Kevin and Jo

Jo Hoffberg and Kevin St. Laurent are world champion dancers who travel the global teaching swing dancing, solo jazz, and crazy hat tricks. So popular are these two, they are booked out for over a year in advance! When we were asked to help them with a wide range of marketing collateral and a new website, we were thrilled!

Turn Visitors into Customers with Better Product Pages

How you present your products and services matters and making a positive first impression with online product websites is vital to a business’ success. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you have very little time to make them understand what you are offering and why they need it before losing their interest. By focusing on a few basic elements of product advertisement, you can build a product presentation which makes a positive first impression – turning online visitors into paying customers.

Best Practices for Business’ and Organizations on Facebook

With many changes being made to Facebook day by day, it’s important to keep up with the basics.  As a business or organization, you have several options to get connected over 800 million active users.  Here are some best practices for set-up your Facebook Page or Group when you aren’t an individual but want to share your products and ideas with the rest of the world.