Website Design & Development

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The online environment has matured dramatically over the last five year. When it comes to design quality of a website, a professional appearance is paramount to a successful design.

Five Lines Media prides itself on a superior level of design quality and bleeding edge presentation. Not only does a professionally designed, custom website perform better when it comes usability, but the major search engines have implemented design quality parameters into their search algorithms. This means greater visibility and activity.

We will continue to produce sites which exceed expectations by frequently evaluating trends and implementing new design techniques for the best user-experience possible. Customize your colors, fonts, imagery, navigation tools and layout to demonstrate a cohesive and eye-catching website which speaks to your industry and customer base, because It is imperative to make a positive and memorable impression on visitors.

Collaborate with our team to develop a highly functional and attractive website. These thoughtfully designed websites translate into improved search results, higher conversion rates and an improved ROI.


Developing a website which can perform on a plethora of devices is now a leading measurement of success. Five Lines Media is a champion of responsive web design for any device.

responsiveJust as a website’s design impact has progressed significantly, so has web development. New techniques in content delivery and consumption assists users in making smarter decisions on a website and helps our clients achieve higher metrics of success.

The expansive use of mobile devices is increasing at a rapid rate with over 100 million in projected sales for tablet devices alone. And the majority of Americans are using smartphones and tablet devices. Consumers have

With the growth of the mobile platform in the last few years, developing a website that can successfully navigate the expanding range of devices is now a leading measurement of performance. Therefore Five Lines Media utilizes a new idea in web development, responsive design. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to website delivery, responsive design adapts the aesthetic and content for each individual device.

The adaptive design of our web site will alter its protocols accordingly upon detecting the correct size and type of device. Flexible images and fluid grids allow for correct resizing for any screen size detected. And touch-screen capabilities are actuated. One website to work seamlessly across many platforms.

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